Children’s Mental Health Week

It’s  Children’s Mental Health week here in the UK. It should be children’s mental health week every day I reckon. But a week is good if things happen that can make a difference.

I have been thinking lots about confidence, anxiety, self esteem and resilience lately.   Partly in relation to myself and my own wellbeing; and mostly in relation to some of the young people I work with.

How many struggle daily with everyday things we probably take for granted.

The bus journey into school.

The lunch queue at  dinner time.

Navigating the complex world of friendships and social media.

Speaking out about how you really feel, and what is happening for you .

Finding your voice.


I don’t have any answers here in this blog, just a quiet reminder to myself, and everyone else that  it can be hard to speak your truth. And for those of us listening,  to work hard and really listen.

Dogs, of course find it so much easier- I am excited. I am frustrated. I am bored. I need company. I need cuddles. I need exercise. I am sleeping. I want a second dinner.




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