On not doing cute (or in praise of ordinary).

I am always interested in the dogs people choose, and why. Here at our home our dogs are all very different. We choose them for various reasons, usually pretty random, but also dependent on the group we already have  living as a family group, and who would best fit in. One thing generally apparent though is that we don’t really do cute. We don’t usually do puppies either with  a couple of exceptions. My favourite kind of dog to choose when i visit a shelter is a NDBD. That stands for Non Descript Black Dog. (yes i know there is a bit of artistic or literary licence there but bear with me please).

We know most black dogs linger longer in shelters.

See I don’t think you cant beat a dog that is so ordinary that people passing through the shelter usually ignore them, and lots of people don’t rush over in the street because they just have to touch them.  Of course it goes without saying that all of my dogs have been beautiful in their own ways with endearing qualities and that they are much loved, so I wont say it.

But the fact is that most of them are nondescript. Funny, quirky, loving, magnificent, hyper, gentle, fearsome, clever……….all kinds of things . But not cute.

They are not featured in calendars, win  photo competitions, or elicit oohs and ahhs from passing strangers. They are not cute. Did i say that?

Here’s  the thing, I’m not cute either. I have never been described as cute. Plenty of other things (some admirable, some not so much). But never cute. Photos of me (a rarity in itself) do not elicit oohs and aahs either.

I am pretty ordinary. So are my dogs.My horses too, come to think of it are workmanlike, not fancy, nor prone to airs above the ground or vast displays of  prowess or beauty.

In this current world of everything being amazingly awesome and each experience having to surpass the one before, each animal needing to possess something that sets them apart , or above another, our need for everything to be “special”, somehow, anyhow. Lets celebrate the glory  that is ordinary. Lets not be afraid to be occasionally  less than amazing, to not always have to shine.

Lets be happy to just be, much like our dogs and horses.

And of course choose the dogs in the shelters that others will likely pass by.

PS . Actually we now also have Teya. So I may have to rethink the whole “not doing cute” deal.


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