The Pony who always said yes.

She says I always say YES.

But I don’t, really.

Over the years I have said the N word. Sometimes she has heard it, sometimes not. Mostly when I’ve said the N word to doing a thing she has stopped, and I can see her considering it. She may ask for the same thing again, in a different way. Ha I’m not stupid.  Or she may ask for the same thing, but slower. Sometimes I still say that I am not sure. Sometimes she may ask a bit harder. That doesn’t usually go so well. Sometimes we don’t get to do the thing, if I feel really strongly about it. Sometimes we get to do something else that I like more. We usually come back to the thing, though, and she’ll ask again. She gets points for persistence. On a different day I may feel more like doing it anyhow.

It depends.  

Sometimes I say the N word and she doesn’t listen. This usually involves another person, smelling of disinfectant and death, with sharp and raspy things that I don’t like so much. I’m pretty small so I can’t always say the N word and make them take notice.

I’ve learnt to say yes to those mostly so they get over and done with quicker. I’ve learned that to get those things over with quick you need to let them get on with it, and then beat it fast as you can back to the field with the others.  

I say YES a lot though. To other horses- shall we go for a gallop round the field? Shall we knock down this flimsy fence line? Shall we play gelding war games? Shall we go splash in that deep pond?  Lets knock the electric fence over then dance around as its making loud clicking noises. How about we go jump to the other side of the ditch and then act like we cannot get back. Those kindof questions need a YES answer. Always.

I don’t always say YES even to other horses though. I’m not a pushover. Horses waay bigger than me say move over and I don’t. I’m smaller than most of them, but so what. I never really got the size thing.  Inside I am strong and full of heart. What do they know? 

Mostly I say YES because I’m interested. Curious. Adventurous. Intrigued. I’ve discovered that often good stuff happens when you say YES. Not much has happened in my life that has really scared me, so I figure, just go for it. Maybe that makes me lucky. Maybe it makes me brave. I’m not sure I understand either of them, so maybe the reason doesn’t matter. 

I’ve known this human since before the day I was born. I think maybe that counts for something.

She hasn’t led me into trouble yet. Sometimes she lets me lead the way too, make my own choices. I think there’s a lot of that trust thing here. She trusts me, totally. I can feel it.

She says to people that she wants to be like me, say YES to more stuff. Find her curiosity and sense of adventure. Approach new things with confidence. Give anything a go. I’m alongside her with that. I like new things.

I’d like you to know that Saying Mostly Yes has not made me weak. This is a Very Important Point. It has not diminished me in any way. I’m still very much my own horse. I still have opinions, and I’m not afraid to share them. 

I’m definitely not a pushover, or stoic, or shut down.

Definately my own horse.


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