Animal Adventures  sounds like it might be something grand, exotic, or exciting. I guess that depends on your definition of all those words. To me, even at 60 something still being able to share my life with amazing creatures is a joy and a constant amazement.Be it the feral cat we took on, who is feral no more; or the fen ferret, found covered in blood sucking ticks, who went on to survive for years and be a much loved character(still sadly missed)  or the horses and dogs who share our lives day in and day out- it is all a gift. Like many a small child I dreamt of, drew, wrote about and pretended to have animals; asked for a cottage in the country and a paddock and a pony on my Christmas list from the time I could write, and day dreamed my way through many a car journey imagining my trusted steed- (either pure white, or jet black) was racing along beside me.

This blog is my place to capture those memories, (those that are left!). It is really for me, but  I  hope that it is also worthy of your attention, and that it prompts your own  memories, stories, and dreams from years gone by. And indeed from now, here , right in this precious moment that we still share with the animals we love.

I think that  Blaze and Scarlett are here going- what is she doing down there? what is she talking about now? She does rattle on!   20170604_112843

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