new year new blog

Well I keep meaning to write my “blog”- what a strange word that is! originally it was going to be about my dogs, now maybe it needs to include horse tales as well. These short winter days  and long nights increase the desire to be creative,somehow, somewhere. I’m  not so good at much else but words. And the occasional photograph. Even then I need some focus  and motivation. This post is linked to my K9 Project website,so maybe will be much about that.
Today I have been thinking a lot about the skills needed to work creatively with young people and dogs, or maybe any animals.  I guess I could write about patience, appropriate training, understanding of the human psyche, life experience. But this week so  far it has mostly been about
  • listening to Stevie Wonders “Superstition” for 1 hour 16 and half minutes on constant repeat
  • discussing “anime” in great detail and  being interested, when you are not.
  • checking out “anime” online so you can join in aforementioned conversation with some insight ( don’t bother- you certainly do not need to know!)
  • trying not to loose patience with the 4 different organisations who have not bothered  to pay me for a wide variety of reasons.

So i guess yes patience certainly figures in there for sure. Dogs .Dogs help with that too. Heres Izzy enjoying the autumn

Certainly  a bit cold for swimming now. Roll on Spring.

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